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TOMY Plarail Tokyo Metro Ginza & Marunouchi (classic) unboxing review and first run

Kristenstebbings24 Official

Hi Guys and Gals, My Dad came over a couple of nights ago and brought this pack with him why dont you do a video of it he said and I quickly agreed as I was very interested to see what they are about. It is a twin pack of vintage Tokyo subway trains from 2 different lines and although they look very similar TOMY have not been lazy and made the changes unique to each version. The 2000 form Train is a vehicle that has been ive in the Ginza subway line since 1959. Until the advent of the post-01 system had been a familiar face on the Ginza line. The 500 form is a vehicle that has been ive in the Marunouchi Subway Line from 1957. Wavy pattern of the body and is charerized by a red, white band on the side. \r
Both trains run on a C size battery and it is inserted from the underside, they are single speed trains and they both have working headlights the red one has twin headlights and the yellow one has a single headlight above the windows. Both run very smoothly at realistic subway train speeds and would be a great addition to any Plarail addicts collection. They are finished superbly and to a very high quality as we have come to expect from TOMY.\r
Thanks for watching!! More video on the way :D

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