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Play-Doh Electronic Sizzlin Skillet 3 Course Dinner!

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Play-Doh Electronic Sizzlin Skillet No. 21840 - 1981. This worked great and I was able to make a Hamburgers, Steak & Fish Dinner.\r
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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was another fun older Play-Doh set to check out on video. I liked that the skillet was also the meat cutter. Endless play time cooking with this set. Which of my three dinners did you like the best? Remember to vote in the poll.\r
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0:08 Intro/Box Details\r
1:32 Parts/Assembly \r
4:38 Play Time! (Hamburger & French Fries)\r
14:38 Time To Make A Steak\r
18:03 Making Fish\r
21:32 Making Eggs\r
22:49 Chicken Leg\r
26:38 The Final Products (Meals)\r
28:03 PlayDoh Printer Sheets\r
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Play-Doh Electronic Sizzlin Skillet No. 21840 - 1981\r
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