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Environnement mondial "World Environment DAy 2017 " Un message du Dr Vandana Shiva

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On this 5th of June - World Environment Day – Vandana Shiva reminds us that we are part of the Earth, and that we all have a duty to care for her future. Two centuries of fossil fuel driven development is pushing humanity to the brink. Dr. Shiva clearly spells out how we need to, and can, change course. Learn more

SPANISH, español: Para ver los subtítulos, haz clic en el círculo en la barra de control, activa los subtítulos y selecciona español - Leer más
Translation kindly provided by Clara S. Gonzalez

PORTUGUESE/BRAZIL, Português (Brasil): Para ver as legendas clique na rodinha na barra de controle e selecione seu idioma.
Translation kindly provided by Isabela S. de Castro

ITALIAN, italiano: Per vedere i sottotitoli in italiano cliccare sul simbolo dell’ingranaggio in basso a destra della barra comandi del video, attivare i sottotitoli e selezionare Italiano. Leggi tutto

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