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Raiss Outaleb Lamzoudi Chour Awdi Chour

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Raiss Outaleb Lamzoudi
Chour Awdi Chour

Raiss Outaleb Lamzoudi is a Moroccan artist who is labeled as one of the best and greatest Tamazight singers of all times.
Born in the city of Imzoud, Raiss Outaleb has been a solid defender of the Tamazight culture since the year 1990. As he is a poet and a musician, he collaborated with several Tamazight artists such as Tachinouit, Raissa Kelly, and many others.
Following the death of Raiss Albnsir, he took the flame as the successor who would proceed with the Tamazight music to a prestigious level on a national and a regional level.
This countryman of Morocco provided us with a rich profile and music directory, which participated in the encounter of different cultures and in a musical intersection.
Raiss Outaleb released great albums such as “Mkid yiwin abouwazzar”, “Masoul Eran”, and also “Ajiyi okan Ajiyi okan”.
He is now the godfather of the Rwaiss songs, owing to his great personality and expertise in this category.
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