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How To Make 1 | Parchment With a White Sheet and Coffee | Very Easy | Stationery ✔️5

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ACTION ONE (3✔️) (‍Cut) Cut out the lap of the sheet :
Step 1 (3✔️) : 0:03

ACTION TWO (2✔️) (‍Coffe) Pour the coffee on the paper :
Step 2 (2✔️) : 0:34

✅ Finish : 1:07
➕ 5 ✔️ Experience Points in making

⏳ Make in Less Than 1 Minute :

ℹ️ You can use a hair dryer (Or others) for the drying step of the paper.
⚠️ Not strong and not close to the paper so as not to tear the paper.
⚠️ Not hot so as not to wrinkle the paper
⚠️ If you dry the paper with a hair dryer (Or others). Wait at least 5 minutes, so that the paper is completely impregnated with coffee.
ℹ️ Go generously on the coffee so you do not have to do both odds. If not, simply do step 2 on both sides.
ℹ️ Do not pour hot coffee on the paper. Wait until it cools to reach room temperature at the room where you are.
ℹ️ Drying varies depending on the humidity of the medium on which your paper is dried and the number of coffe you pour on the paper. It takes between 2 and 12 hours maximum to have a completely dry paper.
⚠️ Pay attention to hair, dust ... etc. This can disturb the impregnation of coffee.

Difficulty : Very Easy (Level 1 )
Skills : No special skills needed
️ Senses : Vision To Touch Proprioception
‍ Intelligences : Kinesthetic Body Intelligence
Intelligence Logic Mathematics
State of Mind : Focus

️ Tools : 3
Coffee (Cold)
White Paper

⚠️ The materials used for the making, are not a standard for the making you make.You can use any other type of tools.

⚠️ Some steps may be repetitive or unnecessary. because you can already perform the step, or simply, is not suited to your current tools, your tastes ... etc. Please demonstrate understanding about repetitiveness or innutility according to your wishes of certain steps.

How To Make {1} Step by Step
Parchment With a White Sheet and Coffee
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✨ Making Universe
Type : Making of Parchment (Paper & ⚗️Liquid)
Style : How To Make Parchment With a White Paper and Coffee
️ Language : International ( description and steps in English, but comprehensible by the whole world)

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2 Steps
2 Actions
✔️ 5 Experience Points
️ 3 tools
️ 3 Senses
‍ 3 Intelligences
3 State of Mind

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Filmed by LG : Samsung Galaxy S7
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❓ WHY : Learn How To Make Parchment With a White Paper and Coffee

WHERE : Pontault Combault ( France)

WHEN : 4 December 2017
⌚ Duration : 10 Minutes Minimum ~ 12 Hours Maximum
⚠️ The duration depends on the performance and tools used by the author. That is why this is indicated from the minimum to the maximum

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