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How To Cook 8 | Baked Spice Potatoes | Easy | Accompaniment ✔️15,5

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ACTION ONE (5✔️) (‍Preparation) Prepare the potatoes :
Step 1 (3,5✔️) 0:01
Step 2 (1,5✔️) 0:24
ACTION TWO (5✔️) (‍Preparation) Prepare the spices for the recipe :
Step 3 (5✔️) 0:24
ACTION THREE (2✔️) (‍Preparation) Prepare the potato dish before Baking :
Step 4 (2✔️) 0:24
ACTION FOUR (3✔️) (‍Baking) Bake your preparation of potatoes and spices :
Step 5 (3✔️) 0:24

✅Finish 2:55
➕15,5 ✔️Experience Points in cooking

‍eXplanation :
Peel and cut the potatoes in small squares.
Then clean the potatoes with water several times.
Then put the potatoes in a drain, Wait about 10 minutes (So that the potatoes do not get wet when cooking).
Cut a clove of garlic (6 - 7g About).
Place your potato wedges in a big bowl and pour in 105 ml of olive oil. Then pour the garlic cut into the salad bowl (Already cut beforehand).
Mix the potatoes and add a lid and wait about 10 Minutes for the spices to impregnate the potatoes.
In a dish designed for cooking, add baking paper (so that the potatoes do not stick)
Spread the potatoes on the sulfuric paper.
Light your oven (at a temperature of: 200 ° C - 392 ° F).
Let the potatoes cook for 40 minutes (stirring the potatoes about every 10 minutes).

ℹ️1 Tablespoon = 15G - 15ML (About)
ℹ️1 Teaspoon = 5G - 5ML (About)

⚠️Remember to turn the potatoes regularly (About every 10 Minutes).

ℹ️Do not hesitate to divide the dosage according to the number of people who eat.

⏳Cook in Less Than 1 Minute :

Difficulty :Easy (Level 2)
Skills : Some little notions of cooking
️Senses : Vision To Touch Proprioception Smell ♨️Thermoception Equilibrioception Taste
‍Intelligences : Kinesthetic Body Intelligence
Intelligence Logic Mathematics
State of Mind : Focus
Context (Example) : Accompaniment of a Dish
Recipe Garnishes

️Tools (5) (1 #Optional)
Cooking System
Salad Bowl
Dish for Cooking
Baking Paper [So that does not stick] {If you do not have one, Stir potatoes regularly} (#Optional)

Ingredients 7 (Recipe) : 1434 Calories
Olive Oil 105ML 630 Calories
Salt 4g 0 Calories
Potato 1Kg 770 Calories
A Clove of Garlic 7g 7 Calories
Oregano 7g 19 Calories
Pepper 2g 6 Calories
Parsley 7g 2 Calories

⚠️Consider nutrient intake too and not essentially calorie intake

How To Cook {8} Step by Step
Baked Spice Potatoes
Potatoes World
Accompaniment Galaxy
✨Cooking Universe ()
Type : Cooking Potatoes (Accompaniment)
Style : Cooking Potatoes with Olive Oil and Spices.
️Language : International ( description and steps in English, but comprehensible by the whole world)

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5 Steps
4 Actions
✔️15,5 Experience Points
️5 tools (1 #Optional)
7 Ingredients
1434 Calories (About)
Dosage [Weight] (About) : (Liquid - 105ML) (Solid - 1027g) {Weight of total ingredients used}
How many people : 2-8 Persons (4 Medium) (Accompaniment)
⏱️Preparation Time : 9 Minutes Minimum - 22 Minutes Maximum
⏰Waiting Time : 20 Minutes
️ Cooking Time : 40 Minutes
️ Temperature Cooking : Bake : 200°C - 392°F
️7 Senses
‍3 Intelligences
5 State of Mind

‍Cook by LG
Filmed by LG : Go Pro Hero 5 (1080 - 60-Large)
Posted by LG
️Video made by LG (Windows Movie Maker 2017)
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©Ikson (Music)

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Learn How To Cook Baked Spice Potatoes

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28 December 2017
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