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2015 BMW X6 Vs. 2015 Mercedes GLE Coupé AMG - DESIGN!

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2015 Mercedes GLE Coupe AMG Vs 2015 BMW Comparison: 2015 BMW X6 vs. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz GLE comes to market to compete now with the second generation BMW X6. At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes GLE Coupe celebrates its world premiere and makes no effort to conceal similarities with the X6. The first pos show the Stuttgart SUV-coupe in the new AMG sports version with future models planned for a later release.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

The two German luxury off-roaders with coupe-like roofline are similar, although the design details show they belong to their respective brands’ design language. The design of the GLE follows the lines of a Sports Activity Coupe with a slopping roof and muscular wheel arches. At the front, the strips of chrome and the iconic logo remind us this is a high-end Mercedes while also following the design language of their recent models.

The rectangular, three large lower air intakes and the headlights fit in with Benz’ latest styling language. The taillights are similar to those on the S-Class, sleek and wrapped around the stocky rear-end.

Inside the cabin the GLE stands out with a high-level of luxury and craftsmanship, combined with a sporty design.


It is indisputable that the F16 BMW X6 is an evolution of the E71 X6, with a design that doesn’t deviate from the proven formula. The new X6 is more masculine than ever, wider, slightly larger and meaner than ever. The front-end simply dominates the road and if you add the M Sport Package to the deal, the aggressiveness of the car becomes obvious.

The cabin is significantly more luxurious than its predecessor, with premium materials and design lines that differentiate the X6 not only from the previous model, but also from the new F15 X5.

To compare the two cars from all angles, we put together a po comparison. Please click through our gallery below and let us know which car you like best.
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